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My Prefab HouseIf you have a dream of a house, at this point my prefab house We are with you to make your dream come true. You can set up your living space at affordable prices thanks to these houses that are both useful, stylish and earthquake resistant. Thanks to these structures, which are suitable for use in summer and winter, it is possible to spend a nice life. In addition, since the amount is determined in advance, you will not be faced with surprise numbers during the construction of the house. It calculates the net amounts of prefabricated houses, as well as the price of the prefabricated house that may occur in addition. My Prefab HouseYou determine the numbers that are not included and adjust your budget accordingly. At this point, if you are at the stage of examining prefabricated house prices, we will help you in this article about the most suitable prefabricated house models. If you are in search of a very stylish and suitable prefabricated house, you are in the right place. my prefab house it means you say.

Many criteria are taken into account when determining the price range for prefabricated house models. At this point, you should act by taking these criteria into consideration when choosing. One of the most important issues is the roof. It is extremely important that the roof is made of quality materials and that it is properly insulated. At this point, you can get detailed information from the company. However, another important issue that determines the price is the walls. The choice should be made taking into account the wall thickness and the exterior facade and insulation on the walls, and price comparisons should be made accordingly.

Another issue in prefabricated houses is square meters. The price is determined in direct proportion to the square meter. Namely, a prefabricated single-storey building is 40-45 square meters. These structures are the smallest. Pricing at this point is a good insulation and building materials used. prefabricated house prices are on our page. In addition, as the square meter grows, the price increases in direct proportion to it. All models and pricing my prefab house also available.

2024 Prefabricated House Prices ;

Name of the productProduct codeProduct price
50 m2 Prefabricated HouseIP 050 349.900 TL
55 m2 Prefabricated HouseIP 055 379.900 TL
59 m2 Prefabricated HouseIP 059 394.900 TL
70 m2 Prefabricated HouseIP 070 389.900 TL
75 m2 Prefabricated HouseIP 075 449.900 TL
69 m2 Prefabricated House IP 070T454.900 TL
103 m2 Prefabricated HouseIP 103 684.900 TL
74 m2 Prefabricated HouseIP 074 464.900 TL
78 m2 Prefabricated HouseIP 078 454.900 TL
81 m2 Prefabricated HouseIP 081 529.900 TL
85 m2 Prefabricated HouseIP 085 554.900 TL
90 m2 Prefabricated HouseIP 090 569.900 TL
108 m2 Prefabricated HouseIP 101 659.900 TL
112 m2 Prefabricated HouseIP 112 619.900 TL
100 m2 Prefabricated HouseIP 100 594.900 TL
113 m2 Prefabricated HouseIP 113 714.900 TL
120 m2 Prefabricated HouseIP 120 734.900 TL
121 m2 Prefabricated HouseIP 121 764.900 TL
126 m2 Prefabricated House IP 126T839.900 TL
110 m2 Prefabricated House Double StoreyIP 110 889.900 TL
150 m2 Prefabricated House Single StoreyIP 150T859.900 TL
148 m2 Prefabricated House Single Storey TwinIP 148 919.900 TL
126 m2 Prefabricated House Double StoreyIP 126 949.900 TL
136 m2 Prefabricated House Double StoreyIP 136 999.900 TL
186 m2 Prefabricated House Double StoreyIP 186 1.349.000 TL
149 m2 Prefabricated House Double StoreyIP 149 1.134.900 TL
150 m2 Prefabricated House Double StoreyIP 150 1.049.900 TL
149 m2 Prefabricated House Double Storey TwinIP 149C1.134.900 TL
131 m2 Prefabricated House Double StoreyIP 131 1.064.900 TL
123 m2 Prefabricated House Double StoreyIP 123 1.219.900 TL
157 m2 Prefabricated House Double StoreyIP 157 1.244.900 TL