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Apart from large buildings such as living spaces, residences, hospitals, it is also widely used on a small scale such as tiny houses or toilet cabins, wc.

Prefabricated toilets and showers can be defined as structures that offer fast and practical solutions, are pre-produced in the factory and sent to the site ready for assembly. These structures have various advantages and usage areas. Here is the detailed information:


  1. Quick Setup: Since prefabricated toilets and showers are produced in the factory and assembled on site, the construction process is quite short.
  2. Economic Solution: Compared to traditional structures, their costs are generally lower.
  3. Portability: These structures can be easily transported and installed in different places when necessary.
  4. Flexibility: They can be customized according to needs. Different size, interior arrangement and equipment options are available.
  5. Resilience: When quality materials are used, they are long-lasting and durable.
  6. Eco-Friendly: Prefabricated buildings produce less waste and are generally produced using more sustainable materials.

Usage areas

  1. Construction: To meet the temporary toilet and shower needs in construction projects.
  2. Camps and Holiday Villages: Can be used temporarily or permanently.
  3. Festival and Event Areas: To meet the needs of attendees at large events.
  4. Emergency Shelters: In temporary shelter areas after natural disasters.
  5. Public Areas: As permanent solutions in parks, beaches and other public areas.
  6. School and Sports Facilities: To meet the need for extra toilets and showers.

Construction and Materials

  • Materials: Prefabricated toilets and showers are usually made of steel, aluminum, fiberglass or concrete panels. In interior spaces, materials such as ceramics, PVC and stainless steel are used.
  • Isolation: Energy efficiency is achieved with good insulation. Suitable materials are used for both sound and heat insulation.
  • Hardware: Toilets are generally equipped with Turkish or European toilets, sinks, mirrors and ventilation systems. Shower cabins are equipped with a shower head, hot water system and appropriate drainage system.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Prefabricated toilets and showers are generally easy to maintain and clean. Care is taken to ensure that the materials are durable and hygienic. When regular cleaning and maintenance is done, they can be used without any problems for a long time.

Prefabricated toilets and showers are preferred in many areas as structures that offer practical, economical and fast solutions. With their customizable structure, portability and durability, they are an ideal option especially for temporary needs.