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Container structures had much more restricted designs in the past. But over time, thanks to technological developments, great changes have been made in the designs of container structures. Container structures have turned into much more elegant architectural designs. As people see these designs, they begin to think more positively about container structures. Container structures can be the most advantageous options for people because these structures provides a lot of advantages in terms of cost and time !

Did you know that container structures are much safer than concrete houses in terms of earthquake ? At the same time, the cost of container structures is very low. For this reason, people want to have more detailed information about container structures. They prefer container structures instead of concrete structures. The fact that the construction times of container structures are also short is an attractive feature for many people.

Container Prices and Models 2022

Containers can be used as an offices, construction sites and many other areas where it is possible to come across modular container structures in many areas of our lives. Let’s take a closer look at container structures with different features according to usage type, needs and wishes. If you want to know the prices of container, contact us so we can be able to talk about the models and prices !

What is a container?

Container structures are used in many areas in the factory, where the human hand is touched at a minimum level and thus the margin of error is very low. You can use these structures, which provide a really good sound and heat insulation.

So what are the types of containers ?

Container structures, which are used for many different purposes, have many different types as they contain different functions. These are as follows.

  • Container Offices are portable, convenient and long-lasting structures.
  • Flat Pack Containers: These are the containers that are sold in parts without assembly. This type of container is widely used in construction sites. Not only in construction sites, but also in road construction sites, mining works, etc. frequently seen in the fields.
  • Container Dormitory: Container Dormitory are structures that are formed by combining more than one container according to the bulk group single containers. This type of container, which is frequently used in cases where the number of users is high, is generally used in cafeterias, dormitories, construction sites, military, etc. used in the fields.
  • Container Dining Hall: Container cafeterias are fast and portable structures where workers eat their meals at construction sites.
  • Container House: Containers are very suitable structures for living as they carry many advantages. The containers, which are designed to provide all the advantages to be found in a very comfortable house, offer different options such as 2+1, 3+1 to the user upon request.
  • Container WC & Toilet – Shower: It is a type of container that can be changed according to the request of the customer, which is frequently encountered in social activity areas, construction sites, movie sets and similar areas.
  • Metropol container: These are the containers produced in city centers to be used for purposes such as taxi stands and security, according to the needs of the people.

We look forward to welcoming our customers, who are considering container houses in Turkey, to our factory as soon as possible. Don’t forget to contact us for more information 🙂

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