Drywall Materials & Gypsum Board Profiles


Drywall & Gypsum Board Profiles

Drywall materials

When we say drywall materials, there are certain materials that come to mind and people who will apply drywall to their home should know these materials in details. Otherwise, they may make some mistakes. Let us explain these materials to you one by one. First of all, braces are one of the drywall materials and then comes the suspended ceiling clip, ceiling anchor and chipboard screws. In addition, these materials include single-hole and double-hole suspension plates, hooks, and round hanger wires. Also, the fittings are among the drywall materials. If you are thinking to apply drywall to your home, you will definitely need these materials. For this reason, it is very important that you have these materials before you start the application. Then you can start in our application in a safer way.

If you want to continue your life in prefabricated steel construction or container buildings, you may need a drywall application, if you do not want to see the H profiles on the wall. For example, people prefer prefabricated, steel construction and container buildings because they are much safer. And this trust is also very important for people living in the earthquake zone. Another reason why people prefer these buildings is that they are more cost-effective.

People who own a land can own their own homes at much lower costs. And instead of paying rent, they own their own house. This is also a very important situation. Instead of having a reinforced concrete building, turning to prefabricated buildings can be really logical choice for you because prefabricated buildings are much more cost-effective and it saves a lot of money. In addition, the construction times of prefabricated buildings are much shorter. For this reason, many people prefer prefabricated, steel construction and container buildings.

What is drywall & gypsum board ?

Drywall profile is one of the materials used in partition walls and suspended ceiling construction stages. These materials are used by bonding or fixing. Drywall profiles are made in a short time and using easy assembly processes. Due to these features, it offers the opportunity to save both time and efforts.

Usage areas of drywall materials ?

  • Insulation and coating processes
  • Roof, wall, facade and ceiling coverings
  • Prefabricated building structures
  • Reinforced concrete structures
  • It can be used in many places where it is needed in the living area.

What are the advantages of drywall profiles ?

  • The drywall is fixed to the wall in the best way. As you know drywall profiles are compatible.
  • The edges of these products, which are resistant to fire, water and heat, are covered with cardboard and thanks to this feature, their structure can be flexible and light.
  • The gypsum boards used in the production stages of prefabricated buildings add flexibility to the structure and offer a dynamic effect. These materials, which offer 10 times more flexibility compared to concrete structures, give durability during earthquakes.
  • The gypsum board profiles used in the production of prefabs provide heat, sound and fire insulation and are resistant.
  • It can be used easily as it does not occupy any space during assembly processes.
  • The products used in the installation of prefabricated buildings may have a bad appearance on the exterior on interior wall (H Profiles). To prevent this, drywall profiles are used. It does not have any harmful effects on human health.

Drywall profiles prices

Gypsum board profile provides a smooth surface and offers a clean usage opportunity. Since it is a hygienic material, it is used during the production of prefabricated houses and many countries. Drywall profiles are sold at economical prices along with the multiple advantages it offers. Due to both its features and the advantages it offers, it has become one of the favorite materials of prefab house manufacturers and users. At the same time, these materials can be disassembled at any time, as they have easy assembly processes. While gypsum board profiles are generally used in detached and duplex buildings, they are preferred on the walls in terms of giving a stylish and aesthetic appearance. They are the best products that can be used for the manufacture of suspended ceilings, to hide lighting and plumbing parts.

If you want to get more information about drywall profiles, you can contact us as soon as possible. Ideal Prefab makes your dreams come true !

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