FAQ Prefab Homes & 14 Questions About Prefabricated Houses

FAQ Prefab Homes & 14 Questions About Prefabricated House

You can find the Answers to All Questions on Prefabricated Houses with their details and features in this article.

QUESTION1: What is included in the price ?

Prefabricated house materials (Wall panels, steel connection materials, ceiling covering, ceiling insulation and roofing materials), exterior door – steel door, interior doors -American door, balcony doors – glazed PVC door, installing windows, and glasses, interior and exterior painting, electrical and water installations in the prefab house, supplying electricity and water armatures.

QUESTION2: What are the responsibilities of the customer ?

Concrete floor, floor and wall coverings (screed, ceramics, carpet, tiles, etc.), external connections outside the prefabricated house (electricity, waste water, clean water), permits and licenses to be obtained from the municipality, heating and cooling installations (heater, air conditioning). etc.), the accommodation and meal costs of the assembly team and the transportation of the material in the assemblies outside of Istanbul belong to our customer.

QUESTION3: Is a license required in Prefab Home ?

License permits are subject to the permission of the Municipality where the house will be built. Architectural plan, Electrical plan, Mechanical Plan belong to the customer to obtain a license. License and all other legal permissions are the responsibility of our customer.

QUESTION4: How is the sound and heat insulation of Prefab Home?

The exterior wall thickness we use in prefabricated houses is 10 cm. Styrofoam with a density of 16 between the wall panels and rock wool used for roof insulation provide much more heat and sound insulation than concrete houses.

QUESTION5: What is the approximate life of Prefab Homes ?

The main material used in our prefabricated houses is Betopan. The manufacturing company is Ankara TEPE group. The company provides a 50-year guarantee for the material against external natural conditions. The prefab home carrier system and all metal parts connected with the external nature are galvanized and rusting is delayed. The average life of our prefab home is between 40-50 years.

QUESTION6: Can it be built on a concrete house ?

It can only be built on one-storey reinforced concrete houses. The lower concrete house must have a durable and flat ceiling floor.

QUESTION7: Is it possible to build a Prefab Home with the plan and exterior we want ?

It can be made in all desired dimensions and designs as long as it is suitable for the prefab building system.

QUESTION8: In how many days are prefab homes can be delivered to the customer on avarage ?

Depending on the m2 of the prefab home you have chosen and the availability of the factory, an average of 100 m2 single storey house is delivered within 5-7 working days. The assembly is completed in 4-5 on average.

QUESTION9: Which vehicles are used to transport prefab homes ?

Transportation of prefabricated houses; trucks, ships, trains or cargo planes

QUESTION10: Are prefab homes earthquake resistant ?

It should not be forgotten that the production of prefabricated houses started with the increase of earthquake periods.

Due to the fact that it is much lighter than a reinforced concrete house and the disassembled parts are combined with steel screws, it flexes during the earthquake, but does not collapse.

QUESTION11: Can Prefabricated House be installed elsewhere later on ?

Yes it can be installed but disassembly, team & master, and repainting costs are incurred. Renovation is possible for prefab homes.

QUESTION12: What are the technical specifications of the materials you use in Prefab Homes ?

You can see it in the technical specifications section of our website.

QUESTION13: What is your payment method, are you able to make monthly payment ?

As of the contract date, 50% of the contract price is paid in cash, the remaining 50% is paid in cash at the beginning of the assembly.

QUESTION14: Where can we see the Prefab Home you built ?

You can see our sample houses in our Factory which is located Kocaeli Gebze, if you don’t have a chance to come to Turkey, you can ask us so we can give you the info about the house we made in your country.

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