Metal Home Builders in Turkey

Hello everyone, did you know that Turkey is one of the biggest manufacturers of steel houses & metal home producers? As Ideal Prefab, we are proud to say that we are the leader in the steel structure sector in Turkey.

We do not only have steel houses, but also many services such as steel construction greenhouse, steel construction livestock farm, steel construction hangar, steel construction parking lot, steel construction cold storage, steel construction building, steel construction factory and steel construction warehouses

You can see the buildings we have built from the links we shared above. Our company, which exports to more than 45 countries, realizes the dreams of hundreds of customers with its high production capacity.

We continue to work with high quality materials, well-equipped employees and a factory of 20,000 m2. You can contact us for more information about steel structures, which have no disadvantages compared to traditional reinforced concrete structures, but have many advantages. You can see the projects we have done for our customers, especially on our youtube and instagram accounts, and if you want, you can see our sample structures in our factory and get much more detailed information. As Ideal Prefab, one of our biggest advantages is our after-sales services. We care about possible problem of our customers and aim to be your solution partner in every matter.

Since they offer reasonable prices and significant advantages, they are much more reasonable than cstructures made with reinforced concrete building materials. Steel houses offer many technical differences as well as the best options in terms of design. Steel construction house models can be produced as standard or can be prepared according to customers requests

Would you like to see our unique steel houses models that we have prepared? We have many steel house models, both single storey and double storey. Many of our customers search for steel structures as metal houses on Google. It is certain that metal buildings, which are rapidly becoming popular today, will have a much more important position in the future. What do you think about this topic ?

You can contact us at any time and find answers to all your questions. Ideal Prefab continues to make your dreams come true.

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