Mobile Homes For Sale


Mobile Homes For Sale

We have a lot of mobile home models, Many of our customers search for steel structures or prefab homes on Google It is certain that metal buildings, which are rapidly becoming popular today, will have a much more important position in the future so we’re working on our customer satisfaction and technical specifications to give you the best service in the world. If you have any more questions about mobile homes for sale, do not hesitate to contact with our team, we will be looking forward to see you in the factory too so you can see the all the materials, production area and sample houses 🙂

Mobile Homes Models and Prices

Today we will give you information about Mobile houses which are called Tiny Houses in details. Tiny homes are modular and portable structures that are highly preferred due to the license problem today.

M2Room NumbersPricesCode
18 m2 Tiny House1+0 TH 001
35 m2 Tiny House1+1 BE 001

Advantages of Mobile Homes

  • Steel as a raw material is already a solid material, so these structures are quite durable and safeful
  • Steel structures are much more affordable than reinforced concrete structures.
  • It is much lighter than reinforced concrete structures.
  • Since it is light, flexible and durable, it is more resistant to earthquakes. There is no limit in terms of design.
  • It saves time and it is easy to install.
  • Can be recycled.
  • Easy to transport and set up.

How to Buy a Mobile Home ?

  1. You can choose the house you want by visiting our sample houses and our factory.
  2. When the contract is done, We will give you the floor concrete and project plans.
  3. 80% of the payment is in the contract, the remaining 20% has to be paid just before the loading.
  4. You have to get the permits from your municipality by yourself.
  5. Shipping price varies according to the city. (We will send 1 master for assembly, cost of 140 euro per day) How many days you want the assembly payment that is going to be calculated.
  6. You have to find the workers that will help the supervisor, there has to be minimum 4 people.
  7. What are the materials what are included in the price ? (Door + Roof + Window + Interior Paint + Exterior Paint + Electrical installation + Plumbing + Sockets + Lamps + Electric Fixtures + up to the Fuse box.)
  8. The screed work for the floor, parquet and tile work belongs to you.
  9. Paint, mastic and silicone works belongs to you.
  10. Customs affairs are your responsibility as well.
  11. Payments must be made in EURO or American Dollars.
  12. An invoice is issued on behalf of the person making the payment in order to carry out customs clearance.

Contact number +90 553 905 35 10 (whatsapp&viber)

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