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As Turkey’s biggest prefabricated manufacturer, we have been serving you for years. We continue to grow every day with quality materials, expert team, and work ethic. You are the biggest reason for our growth, so we thank you very much. Our goal is to be the number 1 about prefabricated & steel structure manufacturer not only in Turkey but also in the world. We have published our English website in order to provide more comprehensive service for you. Get ready to hear about our brand Ideal Prefab very often 🙂

The services we provide include prefab home, prefab office, prefab dormitory, prefab dining halls, prefab schools, prefab hospitals, prefab cafe & restaurants, container structures, container offices, flat pack containers, container wc & shower, modular cabins, steel frame houses, tiny houses, modern cabins ect.

Modular houses are really suitable for earthquake zones. Steel is a flexible materials so it does not collapse just like concrete houses so it provides security for our customers. As an Ideal Prefab, we’re trying to inform about our customers that they should realize how advantageous prefab homes are.

Ideal Prefab modular homes are very stylish houses. People have a lot of options about modular houses. Our customers can buy modular houses according to the plan they want. The most advantageous aspect of this houses is that there is no design limit. Modular homes have very short construction times. That is why you do not have to wait too long to move into your new home 🙂

As Ideal Prefab, we offer our customers not only prefab & steel houses but also steel construction structures such as steel factory, steel cold storage, steel breeding farm, steel hangar, steel greenhouse, steel multi – storey car park, steel buildings, steel warehouse, steel construction industrial structures, steel construction platform and steel sports facility structures.

Would you like to visit our English website ? idealprefab.com

Ideal Prefab Promotional Video on Youtube:

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