Prefab Homes in Romania

Hello everybody !

Did you know that our brand, which produces the best quality prefabricated houses in Turkey, also constantly sends houses to Romania?

Would you like to learn which city we are building houses in Romania?

Alba, Arad, Argeş, Bacău Bihor, Bistriţa-Năsăud, Botoşani, Braşov,  Buzău, Brăila Buzău, Bükreş ,Caraş-Severin, Călăraşi, Cluj Napoca, Covasna, Dâmboviţa, Dolj, Galaţi, Gorj, Harghita Hunedoara, Ialomiţa, Ilfov, Kaloşvar, Köstence – Constanta, Maramureş, Mehedinţi, Mureş, Neamţ Olt Prahova, Satu Mare, Sălaj, Sibiu, Suceava, Teleorman, Timiş – Timisoara, Tulça, Vaslui, Vâlcea, Vrancea, Yaş – Iaşi, Yergöğü…

Ideal Prefab continues to serve the whole world with its customer-oriented service and well-equipped team. Our customers who live in Romania, mostly search on “prefab homes in Romania” or “prefabricated house in Romania” on Google. If you want to see Ideal Prefab Models, you can check our website 🙂

You can see Romania single storey prefab homes, two storey prefab homes models in our website.

Romania Prefab Homes Price List 2023

Prefab Home m2Number of RoomPriceStock Code
50 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home2+19.700 € IP 050
55 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home2+110.600 € IP 055
59 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home2+111.000 € IP 059
70 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home2+111.500 € IP 070
75 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home2+112.000 € IP 075
70 m2 Single Storey Prefab Home2+112.100 € IP 070 T
103 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home2+119.000 €IP 103
74 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home2+112.900 € IP 074
78 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home2+113.100 € IP 078
81 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home3+113.700 € IP 081
85 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home3+115.200 € IP 085
90 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home3+115.400 € IP 090
101 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home2+116.800 € IP 101
112 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home3+117.500 € IP 112
100 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home3+116.900 € IP 100
113 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home4+119.000 € IP 113
120 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home3+119.900 € IP 120
121 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home3+120.500 € IP 121
126 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home3+126.000 € IP 126 T
110 m2 Campaign Two Storey Prefab Home2+119.900 € IP 110
150 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home4+122.400 € IP 150 T
148 m2 Campaign Single Storey Twin Prefab Home2+123.600 € IP 148
126 m2 Campaign Two Storey Prefab Home3+124.400 € IP 126
136 m2 Campaign Two Storey Prefab Home4+126.500 € IP 136
131 m2 Campaign Two Storey Prefab Home4+128.000 € IP 136
148 m2 Campaign Two Storey Prefab Home3+128.700 € IP 148
149 m2 Campaign Two Storey Prefab Home3+129.500 € IP 149
150 m2 Campaign Two Storey Prefab Home4+128.500 € IP 150
149 m2 Campaign Two Storey Twin Prefab Home2+130.000 € IP 149 C
154 m2 Campaign Two Storey Prefab Home3+130.500 € IP 154
123 m2 Campaign Steep Roof Two Storey Prefab Home3+136.000 € IP 123
157 m2 Campaign Two Storey 4+1 Prefab Home4+132.500 € IP 157

We’re sure that you got some doubts about these structures right ? So we wanted to answer this question “Why should I buy a prefabricated house from Turkey?” in order to make clear everything about the prefabricated houses.

  1. Ideal Prefab uses the highest quality materials in Turkey.
  2. Turkey is a very affordable and quality market in the prefabricated sector.
  3. Ideal Prefab & Ideal Ev – Prefabrik Evim If you search on the internet, it is unlikely that you will see even 1 complaint about us. Our after-sales services are also very successful.
  4. We are a corporate company serving the world with 300 people in our 20.000 m2 factory.
  5. More than 24 years of prefabricated and steel structure industry experience
  6. Since many companies in Bulgaria buy their materials from the manufacturer in Turkey, we can provide much more affordable price despite the transportation cost.
  7. Fully informing about the process before the contract. Preparation of mechanical, static, electrical and concrete projects by our well-equipped engineers and architects.

Due to all the criteria you have seen above, our customers who live in Romania and want to have prefabricated houses prefer Ideal Prefab.

Do you know what are the advantages of prefabricated houses ?

  • Firstly the construction time is really short and you do not have to worry about the climate or season.
  • We fix the price at the contract so you’re not gonna have surprise about the price in the future. We’re aware of that all cost have to be determined for customers satisfaction.
  • Prefabricated structures provide energy savings thanks to its insulations systems
  • Prefabricated houses can be moved anywhere you want because these structures are modular so it can be easily disassembled.
  • Production and assembly times is really short so these criterias provide you time and cost savings 🙂
  • Prefab structures are quite light compared to concrete houses so floor concrete cost will be really low.
  • You do not need to worry about the maintenance, prefab homes offer you numerous solutions for renovation. Prefab home will keep its value high because renovations cost are really low and easy.
  • As you know prefab homes are produced as a modular system so it provides a lot of advantages for our customers. Since almost all productions will be applied in the amount determined in the project, there will be no waste and loss of the material like concrete house.
  • If you have any doubts about the insulation of prefabricated houses, you can check our prefab home tech specifications. As Ideal Prefab we use the most quality materials in Turkey and we’re designing our houses depends on the climatic data where you want to build the house.

We look forward to welcoming our customers, who are considering building a prefab house in Romania, to our factory as soon as possible. Don’t forget to contact us for more information 🙂

Contact whatsapp and viber +90 553 905 35 10 

Would you like to watch Ideal Prefab promotional video ?

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  1. Mariana Alina Dina diyor ki:

    Buna ziua ,in afara tarii lucrati va rog?!? Spania?!! Pt o casa de aproximativ 80 m ce pret si aproximativ care este timpul de lucru ? Gata la cheie?!! Ce realizeaza firma dumneavoastra si ce nu realizeaza ( ce este inclus in pret)

  2. Myriam Lazzaroni diyor ki:

    Je me permets de vous contacter car nous avons un projet de construction de deux immeubles dans le nord-est de la France. ? Est-ce que ce type de projet vous intéresse? Avez-vous déjà travaillé en France? Si oui est-il possible d’avoir des exemples de vos réalisations? Est-ce que vous travaillez suivant un bordereau de prix unitaires ou vous faites un chiffrage suivant plans ?
    Si vous ne réalisez pas ce type de projet, connaissez-vous d’autres sociétés qui pourraient être intéressées?
    Merci d’avance pour votre réponse.

    Good afternoon,
    I am writing to you because we have a construction project for two buildings in the north-east of France. ? Are you interested in this kind of project? Have you ever worked in France? If so, is it possible to have examples of your achievements? Do you work according to a unit price schedule or do you estimate according to plans?
    If you don’t carry out this kind of project, do you know of other companies that might be interested?
    Thank you in advance for your answer.
    Best Regards

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