Steel Frame Houses in Turkey


Steel Frame Houses

Hello everyone,

We will be talking about steel houses models in today, steel houses are getting more and more popular today. Steel houses provide fast and affordable solutions for the customers who want quality services about steel frame houses. We can easily say that there is no disadvantages about steel frame houses compared to concrete houses. Considering the weather conditions of the place where the house will be built, we can provide changes depends on the location as well. Did you know that as Turkey’s largest steel frame houses manufacturer, we can also produce steel greenhouse, steel breeding farm, steel airplane hangar, steel multi – storey car park, steel cold storage, steel buildings, steel factory, steel warehouses, steel construction industrial structures, steel construction platform and steel structure sports facilities. If you want to see steel structures models, you can click here or on the photo 🙂

Steel Frame Houses Models Turkey

Ideal Prefab focuses on customer satisfaction, which is able to produce depends on the customer needs. We can probide affordable and high quality steel frame houses. Do you want to see Ideal Steel House Models, you can check our website

What are the advantages of steel frame houses ?

  • Ideal Prefab uses the highest quality materials in Turkey.
  • Turkey is a very suitable and quality market in the steel frame house sector.
  • If you search on the internet about Ideal Prefab, it is unlikely that you will see even 1 complaint about us. We provide really good services for our dear customers.
  • We are a corporate company serving the world with 300 people in our 20.000 m2 factory.
  • We have more than 24 years of prefabricated and steel structure industry experience
  • Fully informing about the whole process before the contract so you won’t have any surprise prices in the future.
  • We can design the steel house that you always dreamed about, Ideal Prefab makes your dreams come true about steel structures.

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