Steel Houses Finland


Steel Houses Finland

Did you know that Ideal Prefab, which produces the best quality steel houses in Turkey, also constantly sends steel houses more than 45 countries ?

If you’re looking for affordable and quality steel houses, Ideal Steel House Models can be the best option for you ! Our goal is to be the number 1 company in the steel buildings industry. We continue to work non-stop to give you the best service 🙂

About Ideal Prefab Steel Company

If you’re looking for quality steel houses, Ideal Steel House Models can be the best company for you ! Our purpose is to be the number 1 company in the steel structures industry. We continue to work non-stop to give you the best service !

Ideal Prefab provides the best service with its 20.000 m2 and 300 employees, produces the highest quality and safe steel houses with its qualified engineers and architects. Biggest advantage of steel houses is that they have a much shorter assembly time compared to reinforced concrete structures so you can have a luxury steel home with the most affordable costs without wasting time and money. Ideal Prefab is ready to make your dreams come true ! It would be our pleasure to show you the factory and sample houses, If you have any chance to come our factory, you can contact us whenever you want 🙂

Advantages of steel frame houses

  • Steel houses have a lot of important advantages, let’s talk about these advantages in details !
  • Production time is quite short compared to concrete house.
  • Steel House materials are manufactured in the factory, it can be assembled in a short time like 2-4 weeks so you do not need to spend your time for masters or excavation process. It provides you both cost and time savings.
  • Before the contract you will know how much your steel home is going to cost so you do not need to worry about the extra cost.
  • It is %100 safer then concrete houses because our qualified architects and engineers are preparing the all the documents that you will need just before the shipping.
  • Further feature additions are possible. It is really easy to find steel home materials in the steel construction markets so if your house need a relocation you can buy these products easily witth really good prices.
  • Steel houses are eco-friendly so it does not cause any voice or pollution for the environment. If you like the nature and minimalist life steel houses are just for you.
  • You can easily use solar panels on the roof of steel houses.
  • If you want to move your steel home, it can be easily disassembled and moved on other place any time.
  • Steel houses provide you great insulation so you can save a lot of energy in this way. Heat efficiency is quite successful in these structures
  • Since the assembly time is really short, there won’t be any humidity or it won’t be affected by climatic conditions.
  • It provides more usage area than concrete houses
  • All the steel house materials are compatible with each other, it means that the error rate is very low and even there is an error, it will be really easy to handle with, in this way, there will be no waste of materials. We aim %0 error rate in the near future !
  • It can be designed for people with disabilities.

Steel House Models Finland

We have various steel house models in our website, these are some examples of steel frame houses. If you want to see our other models, you click on the photo !

Which city we build steel houses in Finland?


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