Steel & Metal Home Builders in Turkey


Steel & Metal Home Builders in Turkey

Ideal Prefab contributes to the Turkey’s economy and employment with its more than 200 employees in its 20,000 m² factory in Kocaeli Gebze. In the production facilities in Kocaeli Gebze. As Ideal Prefab, we have worked more than 45 countries so far. If you want to work with an experienced steel home builders company, we’re the best option for you because our goal is able to reach to the zero error in the machine park. Sound great right ? 🙂

Metal Home Models

Do you know that we can also produce metal homes ? Ideal Prefab can produce affordable and quality steel houses so if you’re looking for a solution like that, we can be the best option for you 🙂 If you want to see our steel frame houses, you can click on the photo.

Advantages of Metal Homes

Metal & Steel Homes have many advantages compared to concrete homes. First of all, since these structures are much lighter than others, serious damages do not occur during or after the earthquake. Moreover, these structures are suitable for all kinds of coatings and we can realize whatever our customer wants in terms of design. The biggest advantages of steel construction houses is that they have a much shorter assembly time compared to concrete houses so you can have a modular prefab home with the most affordable costs.

As Ideal Prefab, we can also produce industrial steel structures such as steel greenhouse, steel breeding farm, steel airplane hangar, steel multi – storey car park, steel cold storage, steel buildings, steel factory, steel warehouses, steel construction industrial structures, steel construction platform and steel structure sports facilities. If you want to see some models and have more idea about these structures you can click on the below links 🙂

Steel Construction Models

If you want to see some of our steel house models you can click on the photo so you can get more information about our steel & metal homes models and pricess. Prices can be changeable depends on the project but in Turkey standard, all of our models’ prices are written in our website so you can make the calculation about the prices for your budget.

If you have more questions you can contact us on +90 553 905 35 10 for all the details. (whatsapp & viber)

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