Steel Warehouse Models


Steel Warehouse Models

Steel construction structures are getting more and more popular today so you will hear a lot about steel warehouse models in the future. Steel Structures provide fast and durability solutions  who want quality and fast services. Considering the weather conditions of the place where the house will be built, we can provide changes depends on your land too. Did you know that as Turkey’s largest steel structures manufacturer, we can also produce steel greenhouse, steel breeding farm, steel airplane hangar, steel multi – storey car park, steel cold storage, steel buildings, steel factory, steel warehouses, steel construction industrial structures, steel construction platform and steel structure sports facilities. If you want to see steel structures models, you can click here or on the photo 🙂

Steel industrial structures, which are preferred to be used in areas with earthquake risk, are produced with features that do not require repair and maintenance for a long time. Steel warehouses models, which can be used instead of many structures, are quite useful. Steel structures are generally used in factories, industrial zones and hangars. Steel industrial structures are preferred by many environmentalist companies due to their durability as well as their recycling feature. It is quite light compared to reinforced concrete structures and can be mounted on the ground in a short time.

Advantages of Steel Warehouses ?

  • Steel as a raw material is already a solid material, so these structures are quite durable and safeful
  • Steel structures are much more affordable than reinforced concrete structures.
  • It is much lighter than reinforced concrete structures.
  • Since it is light, flexible and durable, it is more resistant to earthquakes. There is no limit in terms of design.
  • It saves time and it is easy to install.
  • Can be recycled.
  • Easy to transport and set up.

Steel Warehouses Manufacturer

Ideal Prefab contributes to the Turkey’s economy and employment with its more than 200 employees in its 20,000 m² factory in Kocaeli Gebze. In the production facilities in Kocaeli Gebze. As Ideal Prefab, we have worked more than 45 countries so far. If you want to work with an experienced steel construction company, we’re the best option for you

Steel Construction Structures

Steel Warehouses Prices

Steel warehouses prices and models vary according to the project details, the material used and the region to be applied. Steel construction warehouses models include steel warehouse, steel roof, steel hangar, steel mezzanine and floor projects. The production and price range of these models differ from each other. Models of factories have many functional features, and each of them has a different service in itself.

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