Tiny House Models and Prices

Tiny house models, which we have heard frequently recently, have many advantages in terms of both price and use.


Tiny Houses

Tiny houses, which are the dreams of millions of people, young or old, offer you the most advantageous and minimalist living spaces. If you are a nature lover, tiny houses can be a good option for you. These very small structures can provide you everything you want and also you can take it wherever you want. It sound amazing right ? How would you react if they told you that your dream could come true easily? Tiny houses, which are very common in the world, have attracted a lot of attention in Turkey recent years. Ideal Prefab, which produces the highest quality and modern structures, is ready to give you the best service !

Tiny Houses & Tiny Homes Models and Prices

Hello everyone,

Today we will give you information about Mobile houses which are called Tiny Houses in details. Tiny homes are modular and portable structures that are highly preferred due to the license problem today. It is very popular especially in developed countries such as USA, United Kingdom (UK), The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Crotia, Germany and ect.

M2Room NumbersPricesCode
18 m2 Tiny House1+0 TH 001
35 m2 Tiny House1+1 BE 001

We also like to show you some tiny house models as well, if you wan to see Ideal Prefab Tiny House Models then click on the photo 🙂

The most important things of these houses is that you do not have a problem with zoning or licence. Even if your land is a agricultural or a protected area, you can use and live these houses without licence thanks to the wheel trailer underneath. It sounds amazing right ?

In addition, these houses can be turnkey as an opiton, You can save energy and contribute to nature with solar panels. In this way, you will have an advantage in terms of cost. For water, it will be sufficient to put a tank so anything is possible with those tiny houses 🙂

If you want to see more tiny house models, please contact us. Turkey’s largest prefabricated and steel house manufacturer Ideal Prefab provides you with the highest quality service.

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