How to Buy Prefab Home Step by Step?

157 m2 prefabrik ev

How to Buy Prefab Home Step by Step?
Gebze, Kocaeli in Turkey as the largest factory producing Prefab Homes are serving all over Turkey.
1 ) You can visit our sample houses and factory and choose the house you want.2 ) Once our house contract is made, you are given floor and concrete and project plans.
3 ) Payment is must be made by 50% at the contract and 50% before installation.
4 ) You take the Prefabricated House project to the architectural office of the municipality.
5 ) The Architectural Office prepares your project as a license file and submits it to the municipality.
6 ) The municipality approves and discards the concrete according to the concrete plan given to you.
7 ) Your Prefab Home comes with the installation team to the installation area. Note: Depending on the city to be done, the transportation and installation team costs (food and accommodation) are calculated and added to the price.
8 ) Prefab Home is established by us. (Door + Roof + Window + Interior Paint +
Exterior Paint + Electrical Installation + Water Installation + Bathroom Sanitaryware + Toilet Seat + Shower Tray + Sink + Sockets + Lamps + Electrical Fixtures + Up to the fuse box.)
9 ) Fine screed workmanship and parquet and tile work on the floor.
10 ) You call us for paint, sealant and silicone work.
11 ) You can put your kitchen cabinet and all the furniture in your house and sit comfortably in your home in summer and winter. Note: The house has heat and sound insulation.

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