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Hello everyone, Let’s answer it together, what is a manufactured home ?

In fact, if we need to explain it in a single sentence, a manufactured home is the name given to the method of bringing ready-made elements together in the field according to a pre-planned plan. It is the structure where the elements such as interior wall, exterior wall, door, roof, window, interior paint, exterior paint, electrical system, water system, toilet, shower tube and fuse box are fabricated, prepared and assembled on the concrete platform on which the house will be built.

Advantages of Manufactured Homes

  • There is no long construction periods.
  • As it is manufactured in factories, it can be assembled on site in a short time like 3-4 days.
  • In Prefabricated houses, contractors, masters, plumbers, painters, etc. are not required. Therefore, it is more economical.
  • You can learn in advance how much it will cost before you build a prefabricated house.
  • It is safe because it is produced taking into account earthquake and climatic conditions. If desired, future additions can be provided, expanded and moved on any land you want. It is possible to find prefabricated house materials in construction markets.
  • Prefabricated buildings does not cause noise, image, chemical pollutions
  • Solar panels can be placed on the roof and significant energy savings can be achieved.
  • Prefabricated houses can be assembled on the land at any time of the year.
  • Heat insulation is really successful. It saves energy.
  • Due to the short assembly time, moisture does not occur inside, it is not affected by weather and climatic conditions, it can be settled inside of the house immediately after the assembly.
  • Concrete is not used except for the floor concrete.
  • It offers more usage area than a concrete building because the walls are thinner and take up less space. It is possible to own a house in the desired appearance with numerous exterior appearance options.
  • All parts are compatible with each other. Therefore, there is not the slightest deviation or disruption in its assembly.
  • The interiors of modular houses produced with high tech are comfortable, practical and comfortable. It has been designed in such a way that the living spaces can be utilized at the maximum level.
  • The external appearance of prefabricated houses is modern and aesthetic. It adapts to the environment in the region where it is located, and is compatible with the general architectural appearance.
  • Modular houses can be produced as single-storey or double-storey houses. It is possible to find small houses for small families and large houses for crowded families. Likewise, there are different options for the type of house. Prefabricated villa, prefabricated farmhouse, prefabricated chalet, prefabricated bungalow, prefabricated summer house, prefabricated winter house, prefabricated office, prefabricated block houses, prefabricated twin villas, prefabricated houses with or without garage, prefabricated bay windows are just some of these houses.
  • It is possible to make and apply custom designs.
  • It can be specially designed for disabled individuals.
  • Prefabricated buildings can be designed for industrial production and produced in the form of huge hangars.
  • Immediate changes or additions can be made on designs before production.
  • Not only as a house, but also as a prefabricated workplace, prefabricated office, prefabricated WC and shower cabins, prefabricated locker rooms, prefabricated public space structures, prefabricated workshops, prefabricated warehouses, prefabricated directorate building, prefabricated industrial facility, prefabricated gymnasiums, etc. studies can be carried out for such purposes.
  • Since the wear rate is low, maintenance and renewal costs are low as well.
  • The average lifespan is around 40-50 years.
  • The market is valuable, it does not lose its value and the second hand market is valuable.
  • Sample houses can be visited and seen in advance, so that more clear information about prefabricated houses can be obtained.

How to Buy Manufactured Homes ?

Our factory is located in Gebze, Kocaeli.
As Turkey’s largest prefabricated houses manufacturer, we serve all over the world.
You can visit our sample houses and factory, after that you can choose the house that you want.
2 ) Once our house contract is made, you are given floor concrete and project plans.
3 ) Payment must be paid by 50% at the contract and 50% after the installation.
4 ) You take the prefabricated house project to the architectural office of the municipality.
5 ) The architectural office prepares your project as a license file and submits it to the municipality.
6 ) The municipality approves and prepares the concrete according to the concrete plan given to you.
7 ) Your prefabricated house comes with the assembly team to the installation area. Note: Depending on the city, transportation and assembly crew costs (food and accommodation) are calculated and added to the price.
8 ) Prefabricated house is assembled by us. (Door + Roof + Window + Interior Paint +Exterior Paint + Electrical Installation + Water Installation + Bathroom Sanitaryware + Toilet Bowl + Shower Tube + Sink + Sockets + Lamps + Electrical Fixtures + Up to the fuse box.)
9 ) Detailed alum craftship, parquet and tile work on the floor.
10 ) You call us for paint, sealant and silicone work.
11 ) You can have the kitchen cabinet assembled by the workman and all the furniture in your house. You can finally live at your home in all seasons 😊 Note: Houses that we made has heat and sound insulation.

We can produce differents prefabricated projects. Apart from house, prefabricated hospital, prefabricated office, prefabricated site, prefabricated WC & prefabricated shower cabins, prefabricated changing rooms, prefabricated public space structures, prefabricated workshops, prefabricated warehouses, prefabricated industrial facility, prefabricated sports facilities etc.  If you want to see our prefabricated structures models, then click on the photo 🙂

You can contact us on +90 553 905 35 10 for all the details. (whatsapp & viber)

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