Metal Roofing Supply


Metal Roofing Supply

Hello, in this article we will talk about metal roofing supply used in prefabricated buildings. One of the most important features of these structures is the quality of the materials used. If the customer does not prefer quality material or work with experienced manufacturer customers may face many problems soon.

In order to avoid such a problem, we will provide detailed information about these materials today. For any question that comes to your mind, you can consult our expert team or write it just below the article. Our team is ready to answer all your questions. In our 24-year-old factory, apart from the best service, another issue we attach most importance to is customer satisfaction.

When you build any prefabricated house, one of the most important parts of this house is its roof. This is because the roof is exposed to water, cold and heat. If the roof is made as desired and its insulation is done in the most correct way, there will be no problem. Do you know that how the roof insulation should be, let’s take a look at what is roof insulation that we use in our structures !

Roof Insulation of Prefab Homes

1- Trapezoidal Sheet + Metal Tile Sheet Roof Insulation Application

In this application, 10 cm mineral wool is used on the roof and trapezoidal or tile patterned sheet is placed on the steel roof.

2- OSB + Membrane + Trapezoidal Sheet Roof Insulation Application

In this application, 10 cm mineral wool is used on the roof and OSB + membrane is placed on the steel roof. (The purpose of these osb + membrane materials is to strengthen the water insulation of the building and to ensure that the sounds such as the sound of rain on the roof do not transmit directly to the house) and on top of this, trapezoidal or tile patterned sheet metal is used.

3- Sandwich Panel Application Roof insulation Application

The sandwich panel application used on the roof provides the best insulation. Sandwich panel brings the roof insulation to the best level. Therefore, it can be the best choice to use sandwich panels in terms of insulation.

What is Membrane ?

Membrane is the most preferred waterproofing material for roof insulation.

How to Insulate the Roof ?

If we need to explain this through an example, in a structure where metal tile sheet will be applied, insulation can be made with osb + membrane, which is laid under the tile patterned sheet and fixed while it is still under construction. The most important point is the careful fixation of the membrane without perforation. It is very important for roof insulation to be done carefully, especially in areas with chimneys, curved or curved areas. As mentioned before, an improper isolation causes huge problems.

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