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What is Roof Insulation ?

If we need to define the roof insulation briefly, it is a protection method that is made to protect the building from natural events such as sun, rain, hail and snow. The biggest reason for its construction is to protect the building from water and other factors and to extend the life of the building.

Prefabricated houses are structures that provide effective time savings today. However, they are durable, high-quality, economical and comfortable structures. If we think about heat and sound insulation, it is striking that it has important and important features in terms of providing comfort. Among these features that increase quality and comfort, of course, the structural feature of the roof cannot be ignored. It is necessary to give importance to the roof profile as much as the importance given to the wall panels in prefabricated buildings. Although our country is under the temperate climate zone in terms of climatic conditions, it may encounter difficult weather conditions at times. For this reason, the roof is an important issue in prefabricated houses. For this reason, which materials are used on the roofs of prefabricated houses and the quality of these materials are very important.

In prefabricated houses, during the construction of the walls, many materials such as profile, OSB, coating materials, rock wool for insulation are used among the external and internal building materials during the construction of the walls. Ideal prefabricated also uses all the process steps used for the exterior wall structure of prefabricated houses for the ceiling processes of the prefabricated house. From this point of view, it is stated that the roof infrastructure materials that provide waterproofing are used together with the exterior building materials for the materials used on the roofs of the prefabricated houses.

In all houses, including prefabricated houses, the air in the heated room first rises in the environment. The ceiling structures of prefabricated houses should be in a quality that will not pass this rising hot air. For this reason, while being selective about the quality of ideal prefabricated roofing materials, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the personnel who will use the material. Ideal prefabricated has an expert team that makes plans about which materials should be used on the roofs of prefabricated houses. Apart from this, our company, which can apply these profiles on OSB, can also make ideal prefabricated, shingle and sandwich panel applications. Roof quality affects the comfort of the prefabricated house.

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