Prefab Homes in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hello, today we’re going to talk about the Prefab Homes in Bosnia and Herzegovina !

Do you know that Ideal Prefab export prefab and steel structures houses more than 40 countris all around the world ?

As an Turkey’s largest prefab manufacturer we produce the most quality structures in the world so if you’re looking for affordable and quality prefab houses, Ideal Prefab Home Models can be the best option for you !

Ideal Prefab provides the best service with its 20.000 m2 and 300 employees, produces the highest quality and safe houses with its qualified engineers and architects. In this way, we can deliver the house of your dreams in a short time. You know that the biggest advantage of prefabricated houses is that they have a much shorter assembly time compared to reinforced concrete structures so you can have a luxury prefab home with the most affordable costs without wasting time about masters and excavation works.

Are you wondering which cities we are building prefabricated houses in Bosnia and Herzegovina? Let’s see together

Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar, Bijeljina, Tuzla, Prijedor, Zenica, Doboj, Zvornik, Sanski Most, Lukavac, Bihać, Bugojno, Žepče, Trebinje, Bosanska Krupa, Čapljina, Breza, Derventa, Goražde, Foča, Sapna, Jablanica, Vareš, Livno, Bosanski Petrovac, Mrkonjić Grad, Drvar, Velika Kladuša, Višegrad, Tomislavgrad, Grude, Neum, Teočak, Petrovo,

Have you ever been curious about “why people prefer prefab homes or why should people buy a prefabricated house?

Prefabricated houses provide fast and affordable solutions for our customers. These structures are guite durable during the earthquake so it is a better choice compared to concrete house. The reason is all about mechanic, static and basic physic rules actually. During the eartquake, the concrete building is going to resist so walls and columns will be damaged because of the weights that buildings have. On the other hand, prefab structures will be stretched and there will be no harm on the steel structure system after the earthquake. Considering the seasonal conditions of the place where the house will be built, we can provide changes in both the roof slope and the materials used. Apart from prefab homes we can also service about prefabricated villas, prefabricated offices, prefabricated social facilities, prefabricated dining halls, prefabricated dormitories and prefabricated factories.

If you have any chance to come to Turkey, it would be our pleasure to show you the factory and sample houses. We’re going to prepare the projects (mechanic, static, electrical and floor concrete) just like you need. We send a supervisor depends on your need but if you do not need a supervisor, we can also send you the just prefab home materials as well.

Do you want to know what is included in the price ?

We can provide you these materials => (Door, roof, window, interior paint, exterior paint, electrical installation, plumbing, sockets, lamps, electric fixtures amd up to the fusebox.)

but kitchen cabinet, parquet, tile and concrete floor will be your responsibilites because we do not provide these materials. The main reason that why we do not provide these materials is because every people have a different taste and we’re not the manufacturer of these materials. If you want to get more information about the process, you can reach us from our phone number or our social media accounts.

Do you want to see our single storey modern prefab homes, you can click on the photo

We can also produce duplex & two storey prefab homes as well, for the models you can click on the photo

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    Hello Dear
    I am planning to build a small house in Bosnia / Breza approximately 8×8 M =64 sqm
    so can you tell me how much will cost me with standard specifications
    Thank you

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