Prefab Homes in Kazakhstan

As an Turkey’s largest prefab manufacturer we produce the most quality structures in the world so if you’re looking for affordable and quality prefab houses, Ideal Prefab Home Models can be the best option for you !

Ideal Prefab, Turkey’s largest Prefabricated House manufacturer company, continues to serve the whole world. We have sent prefabricated and steel houses to Kazakhstan many times. Do you want to see in which city we can build houses in Kazakhstan?

Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Shymkent, Qaraghandy, Taraz, Aqtöbe, Pavlodar, Semey, Öskemen, Oral, Türkistan, Qostanay, Petropavl, Qyzylorda, Temirtaū, Aqtaū, Atyraū, Ekibastuz, Mangghystaū, Kökshetaū, Taldyqorghan, Rudnyy, Zhezqazghan, Kentaū, Balqash, Sarqan, Aqsū, Sätbayev, Kapchagay, Qaskeleng, Ridder, Zyryanovsk, Talghar, Shchūchīnsk, Zharkent, Shū, Qapshaghay, Soran, Ayagöz, Arys, Baikonur, Shakhtīnsk, Qulsary, Esik, Zhetisay, Aksay, Zhitiqara, Staryy Beyneu, Balyqshy, Tekeli, Aral, Shiyeli, Atbasar, Qarataū, Alga, Oktyabrsk, Maqat, Makhambet, Narynqol,

We continue to make our customers satisfied with the projects that we have made in Kazakhstan. Our customers, who want to build a house in Kazakhstan, mostly search on “prefab homes in Kazakhstan” or “prefabricated house in Kazakhstan” on Google. If you want to see our other models of Ideal Prefab, you can check our English web site

Do you want to check our single storey prefab houses ? Click on the photo !

As an Ideal Prefab we can produce prefabricated villa & two storey prefab house so if you’re looking duplex houses you can have a information by clicking on the photo !

Ideal Prefab provides the best service with its 20.000 m2 and 300 employees, produces the highest quality prefab houses with its qualified engineers and architects. In this way, we can deliver the house of your dreams in a short time. These structures have a much shorter assembly time compared to concrete structures so you can have a luxury prefab home with the most affordable costs without wasting time to masters and excavation works.

Prefab structures provide fast and affordable solutions for our customers. These structures are guite durable during the earthquake so it is a better choice compared to concrete house. During the eartquake, the concrete building is going to resist so walls and columns will be damaged because concrete houses are too heavy structures.. On the other hand, prefab structures will be stretched and there will be no damage on the steel structure system. Considering the weather conditions of the place where the house will be made, we can provide changes in both the roof slope and the materials used. Apart from prefabricated houses we can also service about prefabricated villas, prefabricated offices, prefabricated social facilities, prefabricated dining halls, prefabricated dormitories and prefabricated factories.

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