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As Turkey’s largest prefabricated manufacturer, we also send a large number of houses to our neighbor country, Bulgaria. Let’s take a look at which cities of Bulgaria we are building houses 🙂

Sofya Со̀фия / Sofiya
Filibe Пловдив / Plovdiv
Varna Ва̀рна / Varna
Burgaz Бурга̀с / Burgas
Rusçuk Ру̀се / Ruse
Eski Zağra Ста̀ра Заго̀ра / Stara Zagora
Plevne Плѐвен / Pleven
İslimiye Слѝвен / Sliven
Hacıoğlu Pazarcık До̀брич / Dobriç
Şumnu Шумен / Şumen
Pernik Пѐрник / Pernik
Hasköy Ха̀сково / Haskovo
Tatar Pazarcığı Па̀зарджик / Pazarcik
Yanbolu Я̀мбол / Yambol
Blavgrad Благо̀евград / Blagoevgrad
Tırnova Велѝко Тъ̀рново / Veliko Trnovo
Gabrova Га̀брово / Gabrovo
İstanimaka Асеновград / Asenovgrad
Vidin Вѝдин / Vidin
Kızanlık (Kazanlık) Казанлък / Kazanlk
İvraca Вра̀ца / Vratsa
Köstendil Кюстендѝл / Kyustendil
Kutlu Viçe Монта̀на / Montana (Михайловград / Mihaylovgrad)
Kırcaali Къ̀рджали / Krcali
Kayacık Димитровград / Dimitrovgrad
Tırgovişte Търговище / Trgovişe
Lofça Ловеч / Loveç
Dupniçe Ду̀пница / Dupnitsa
Silistre Силѝстра / Silistra
Yukarı Rahova Горна Оряховица / Gorna Oryahovitsa
Paşmaklı (Ahi Çelebi) Смо̀лян / Smolyan
Hazargrad Ра̀зград / Razgrad
Petriç Пѐтрич / Petriç
Ziştovi Свищо̀в / Sviştov
Samako (Samaku) Са̀моков / Samokov
İsveti Vraç Санда̀нски / Sandanski
Pulmiye Лом / Lom (Лом паланка)
Karlıova Карлово / Karlovo
Yeşilayvaz Велинград / Velingrad
Yeni Zağra Нова Загора / Nova Zagora
Selvi (Servi) Севлѝево / Sevlievo
Turyan (Toryan) Троян / Troyan
Aydos А̀йтос / Aytos
Otlukköy Панагю̀рище / Panagyurişte
Orhaniye Ботевград / Botevgrad
Harmanlı Ха̀рманли / Harmanli

We continue to make our customers happy with the numerous projects that we have made in Bulgaria. Our customers, who want to build a house in Bulgaria, mostly search on “prefab homes in Bulgaria” or “prefabricated house in Bulgaria” on Google. If you want to see the unique models of Ideal Prefab, you can check our newly launched English website.

So let’s answer this question together, “Why should I buy a prefabricated house from Turkey?”

  1. Ideal Prefab uses the highest quality materials in Turkey.
  2. Turkey is a very affordable and quality market in the prefabricated sector.
  3. Ideal Prefab & Ideal Ev – Prefabrik Evim If you search on the internet, it is unlikely that you will see even 1 complaint about us. Our after-sales services are also very successful.
  4. We are a corporate company serving the world with 300 people in our 20.000 m2 factory.
  5. More than 24 years of prefabricated and steel structure industry experience
  6. Since many companies in Bulgaria buy their materials from the manufacturer in Turkey, we can provide much more affordable price despite the transportation cost.
  7. Fully informing about the process before the contract. Preparation of mechanical, static, electrical and concrete projects by our well-equipped engineers and architects.

Many advantages such as these enable customers to choose Ideal Prefab.


What are the advantages of prefab homes ?

  • The construction period is short and does not depend on the climate and season.
  • All costs are determined and fixed at the time of the contract.
  • It provides energy saving thanks to its strong heat insulation.
  • After it is installed, it can be disassembled and transported wherever you want.
  • It does not need concrete other than the floor concrete. It can be used safely in all climatic conditions.
  • Shipping costs are low due to fewer and more controllable shipments.
  • Delivery of the building in a short time (10-45 days) provides an advantage in terms of sales and rental income.
  • In practical ready-made structures, the foundation cost is low due to the lower total weight of the building.
  • Although the need for maintenance is almost negligible, the fact that it can offer unlimited solutions to renovation and change needs, and that all renovations and renovations are low cost and easy, keeps the value of the building high for life.
  • It is produced in a modular system. Since almost all productions can be applied in the amount determined in the project and with mechanical assembly, the waste and loss of the material are almost non-existent.
  • Since the insulation properties of all projects are designed according to regional and climatic data, the first expenditure on the building can pay for itself in a short time.

How to Buy Prefab Home Step by Step?
How to Buy Prefabricated House Step by Step?
Our factory is located in Gebze, Kocaeli.
As Turkey’s largest prefabricated houses manufacturer, we serve all over the world.
You can visit our sample houses and factory, after that you can choose the house that you want.
2 ) Once our house contract is made, you are given floor concrete and project plans.
3 ) Payment
4 ) You take the prefabricated house project to the architectural office of the municipality.
5 ) The architectural office prepares your project as a license file and submits it to the municipality.
6 ) The municipality approves and prepares the concrete according to the concrete plan given to you.
7 ) Your prefabricated house comes with the assembly team to the installation area. Note: Depending on the city, transportation and assembly crew costs (food and accommodation) are calculated and added to the price.
8 ) Prefabricated house is assembled by us. (Door + Roof + Window + Interior Paint +Exterior Paint + Electrical Installation + Water Installation + Bathroom Sanitaryware + Toilet Bowl + Shower Tube + Sink + Sockets + Lamps + Electrical Fixtures + Up to the fuse box.)
9 ) Detailed alum craftship, parquet and tile work on the floor.
10 ) You call us for paint, sealant and silicone work.
11 ) You can have the kitchen cabinet assembled by the workman and all the furniture in your house. You can finally live at your home in all seasons 😊 Note: Houses that we made has heat and sound insulation.

You can check this blog to get more information about “what should be considered when buying a prefab home ?

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Would you like to see the houses that we made in Bulgaria ?

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