Prefab Homes Iraq

Ideal Prefab services the highest quality prefab houses to its customers. We focus on customer satisfaction. Our customers, who live in Iraq and want to have a affordable and high quality prefabricated house, usually search with keywords such as “Iraq Prefabricated Houses” or “Prefab Home in Serbia”. As Ideal Prefab, we provide the best quality service to Iraq. Do you want to see the Ideal Prefab Models, you can check our website

Do you like to see Ideal Prefab Home models ? Click on the photo !

We have also a lot of prefabricated villa (duplex prefab houses) so if you’re curious these models too you click on the photo !


We have more than 24 years of prefabricated and steel structure industry experience. Since many companies in Iraq buy their materials from the manufacturer in Turkey, we can provide much more affordable price despite the transportation & shipping cost. We inform you about the whole process before the contract. Preparation of mechanical, static, electrical and concrete projects will be design by our engineers and architects. Due to all the criteria you have seen above, our customers who live in Iraq and want to have prefabricated houses.

Are you wondering which cities we are building prefab houses in Iraq? Let’s check it together !

Baghdad, Mosul, Al Başrah, Kirkuk, Erbil, An Najaf, Karbalā’, As Sulaymānīyah, An Nāşirīyah, Al Ḩillah, Ba‘qūbah, Ar Ramādī, Ad Dīwānīyah, Az Zubayr, Al ‘Amārah, Dahūk, Al Fallūjah, Al Kūt, As Samāwah, Al Kūfah, Ash Shaţrah, Sāmarrā’, Zākhū, Tikrīt, Al Fāw, Sinjār, Al Ḩayy, Tall ‘Afar, Balad, Al Musayyib, Hīt, Ḩalabjah, Qalādizay, Shaqlāwah, Ar Ruţbah, Kūysinjaq, Rāwah, Al ‘Amādīyah,

We’re sure that you may have some doubts about these structures right ? So let’s talk about this topic, “Why you should buy a prefabricated house from Turkey?”

Ideal Prefab gives you the best service with its 20.000 m2 and 300 employees, We produce the highest quality houses with our qualified engineers and architects. We can deliver the house of your dreams in a real short time. You are going to buy a prefab home with the most affordable costs without wasting time about masters and excavation works. Turkey is a quite affordable and quality market in the prefabricated sector and as an biggest prefab manufacturer, we’re ready to give you the best service ! If you’re looking for the highest quality houses then Ideal Prefab is the best option for your need.

If you have any doubts about the insulation of prefabricated houses, you can check our prefab home technical specifications. As Ideal Prefab we use the most quality materials in Turkey and we’re designing our houses depends on the climatic conditions where you want to build the house.

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