Prefab Homes Prices


Prefabricated Houses Prices

We are going to inform you about prefab home prices and you’re going to get a lot of informations about prefabricated houses in this blog. If you want to build a prefab home, Ideal Prefab is the best option for your need because we focus to provide the best service to our customers based on customer satisfaction. If you have a lot of questions about prefabricated houses and you are looking for answers, you can find all our informative articles about the process on the blog page.

As Turkey’s largest prefabricated house manufacturer, we export more 45 countries. Our goal is to be the number 1 company in the prefabricated and steel industry. We continue to work non-stop to give you the best service on this journey !

Ideal Prefab provides the best service with its 20.000 m2 and 300 employees, produces the highest quality and safe houses with its qualified engineers and architects. In this way, we can deliver the house of your dreams in a short time. You know that the biggest advantage of prefabricated houses is that they have a much shorter assembly time compared to reinforced concrete structures so you can have a luxury prefab home with the most affordable costs without wasting time on masters and excavation works. We have more than 24 yeras of prefabricated and steel structure industry experience so we are ready to make your dreams come true 🙂

What are the advantages of prefab homes ?

  • The construction period is short and does not depend on the climate conditions
  • All costs are determined and fixed at the time of the contract so you will not face with any surprises about the prices.
  • It provides energy saving thanks to its successful heat insulation.
  • After it is installed, it can be disassembled and moved on another land & site.
  • It does not need concrete other than the floor concrete & foundation. These structures can be used safely in all climatic conditions.
  • Shipping costs are low due to fewer and more controllable shipments.
  • Delivery of the building in a short time (10-45 days) provides an advantage in terms of sales and rental income.
  • Need for maintenance is almost negligible, prefab structures can offer unlimited solutions about renovation and design.
  • Prefab structures are produced as a modular system so waste and loss of the material are almost non-existent.
  • Since the insulation properties of all projects are designed according to climatic data, the first expenditure on the building can pay for itself in a short time
  • It can be designed for people who disabilities
  • Lifespan of prefab home is about 45 – 50 years
  • We can make and apply custom design, we can make your dreams come true 🙂

Do you want to learn prefab home prices in Turkey and Europe ? You can get all the information about the houses and prefabricated prices below. Ideal Prefab provide you the most quality and affordable prefab homes all around the world.

Prefab Homes Price List

Prefab Home m2Number of RoomPriceStock Code
50 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home2+19.700 € IP 050
55 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home2+110.600 € IP 055
59 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home2+111.000 € IP 059
70 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home2+111.500 € IP 070
75 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home2+112.000 € IP 075
70 m2 Single Storey Prefab Home2+112.100 € IP 070 T
103 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home2+119.000 €IP 103
74 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home2+112.900 € IP 074
78 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home2+113.100 € IP 078
81 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home3+113.700 € IP 081
85 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home3+115.200 € IP 085
90 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home3+115.400 € IP 090
101 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home2+116.800 € IP 101
112 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home3+117.500 € IP 112
100 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home3+116.900 € IP 100
113 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home4+119.000 € IP 113
120 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home3+119.900 € IP 120
121 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home3+120.500 € IP 121
126 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home3+126.000 € IP 126 T
110 m2 Campaign Two Storey Prefab Home2+119.900 € IP 110
150 m2 Campaign Single Storey Prefab Home4+122.400 € IP 150 T
148 m2 Campaign Single Storey Twin Prefab Home2+123.600 € IP 148
126 m2 Campaign Two Storey Prefab Home3+124.400 € IP 126
136 m2 Campaign Two Storey Prefab Home4+126.500 € IP 136
131 m2 Campaign Two Storey Prefab Home4+128.000 € IP 136
148 m2 Campaign Two Storey Prefab Home3+128.700 € IP 148
149 m2 Campaign Two Storey Prefab Home3+129.500 € IP 149
150 m2 Campaign Two Storey Prefab Home4+128.500 € IP 150
149 m2 Campaign Two Storey Twin Prefab Home2+130.000 € IP 149 C
154 m2 Campaign Two Storey Prefab Home3+130.500 € IP 154
123 m2 Campaign Steep Roof Two Storey Prefab Home3+136.000 € IP 123
157 m2 Campaign Two Storey 4+1 Prefab Home4+132.500 € IP 157

How to Buy Prefab Home Step by Step?
How to Buy Prefabricated House Step by Step?
Our factory is located in Gebze, Kocaeli.
As Turkey’s largest prefabricated houses manufacturer, we serve all over the world.
You can visit our sample houses and factory, after that you can choose the house that you want.
2 ) Once our house contract is made, you are given floor concrete and project plans.
3 ) Payment must be paid by 80% at the contract and 20% after the installation.
4 ) You take the prefabricated house project to the architectural office of the municipality.
5 ) The architectural office prepares your project as a license file and submits it to the municipality.
6 ) The municipality approves and prepares the concrete according to the concrete plan given to you.
7 ) Your prefabricated house comes with the assembly team to the installation area. Note: Depending on the city, transportation and assembly crew costs (food and accommodation) are calculated and added to the price.
8 ) Prefabricated house is assembled by us. (Door + Roof + Window + Interior Paint +Exterior Paint + Electrical Installation + Water Installation + Bathroom Sanitaryware + Toilet Bowl + Shower Tube + Sink + Sockets + Lamps + Electrical Fixtures + Up to the fuse box.)
9 ) Detailed alum craftship, parquet and tile work on the floor.
10 ) You call us for paint, sealant and silicone work.
11 ) You can have the kitchen cabinet assembled by the workman and all the furniture in your house. You can finally live at your home in all seasons 😊 Note: Houses that we made has heat and sound insulation.

Single Storey Prefab Home Models

Two Storey Storey Prefab Home Models

We can produce various prefab projects. Apart from house, prefab workplace, prefab office, prefab construction site, prefab WC and shower cabins, prefab changing rooms, prefab public space structures, prefab workshops, prefab warehouses, prefab industrial facility, prefab sports facilities etc.  As you see prefabricated buildings can be produced for other purposes as well.

Would you like to see our ideal prefab buildings models ? Click on the photo then 🙂

We can design the house that you always dreamed about, Ideal Prefab makes your dreams come true about prefabricated and steel structures. If you want to get more information about prefabricated structures, you can contact us as soon as possible !

Please contact whatsapp or viber number +90 553 905 35 10 

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