Prefabricated WC & Toilet Cabinets Models

In order to provide mobilization after prefabricated houses and prefabricated office buildings, prefabricated toilets are demanded in camps, gardens, stops and emergency disaster areas. We want to show you our prefabricated toilet and WC cabin models.

Ideal Prefab, Turkey’s biggest Prefabricated WC & Toilet Cabinets Manufacturer Company, continues to serve the whole world. Ideal Prefab provides the best prefab WC cabins with its 20.000 m2 and 300 employees, produces the highest quality with its qualified engineers and architects.As Ideal Prefab, we are proud to say that we are the leader in the prefabricated structure sector in Turkey.


Prefabricated WC & Toilets Models

Prefabricated structures are widely used today due to many reasons such as being durable and having high security against fire and earthquake. Apart from large structures such as living spaces, residences, hospitals, it is also widely used on a small scale such as tiny houses or toilet cabins. As it is known, in large construction sites, camps, gardens, bus stops, emergency disaster areas, picnic areas, workers are accommodated, and in recreation areas, toilets and masjid cabins are used to provide the needs. The main logic of using a prefabricated cabinet is that it is both portable and in desired dimensions. It is also important that it is durable and safe in case of a disaster. The purpose of this type of cabin being prefabricated is that when it is made of reinforced concrete, it is not possible to transport it, especially in areas such as construction sites, and its construction takes a much shorter time and is completed at a much lower cost than reinforced concrete. Let’s take a closer look at these cabin models, which are both practical and comfortable.

What Are the Prefabricated WC & Toilets Cabinets Models

Prefabricate cabins, which vary according to the number of uses and the desired features, are generally ready-made according to the dimensions, but can also be produced according to your wishes or design. In addition to being a highly preferred product in outdoor activities, it is also preferred in areas such as construction sites and movie sets. Since these cabins are prefabricated, they are resistant to climatic conditions, sound and heat insulation are provided, fire and earthquake resistant, much more affordable than reinforced concrete. When you buy it, it is delivered with electrical and plumbing processes applied. For these toilets, which are generally placed on a concrete floor, it is sufficient to have a flat area. While these cabins can be used comfortably in 4 seasons, they are also cleaned very easily. It is also a great advantage that it does not smell. In addition, the installations of these cabins, where electrical and sanitary installations are made, are pre-checked and sent to avoid any problems before they reach you.

Ideal Prefab – If you search on the internet, it is unlikely that you will see even 1 complaint about us, even tough we’re the largest and most popular prefab structures manufacturer in Turkey. Our after-sales services are very successful !

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