What Is a Flat Pack Container ?


What Is a Flat Pack Container ?

Flat pack container is different from today’s containers with different designs. These container structures are flat and rectangular prism-shaped structures. And of course, it is much more affordable than other containers. These containers also have many different uses. When you add windows and doors to a flat pack container, you can use it as a room. These containers are used as tiny rooms where products are stored. You can often come across these containers being used at construction sites. What distinguishes these containers from other containers is that they are much lower cost and much flatter.

Thanks to these containers, you can get the efficiency you would get from a reinforced concrete structure at a more affordable price. In fact, the fact that these structures are portable, resistant to earthquakes and many other features show that they are much better than reinforced concrete structures. Flat pack container structures are much more affordable than reinforced concrete structures.

A reinforced concrete structure has a much longer construction period and will cost you much more. But container structures are much safer, have much faster installation, and are much less costly. For this reason, many people prefer container structures instead of reinforced concrete structures. In addition, container structures are the best option for people living in the earthquake zone. In fact, when there is an earthquake in a region, the state builds many container houses in that region. It is the best option for people to have such safe and quickly installed structures in the disaster area.

Advantages of Prefab and Steel Structures

So let’s answer this question together, “Why should I buy a prefab homes from Ideal Prefab?”

  1. Ideal Prefab uses the highest quality materials in Turkey.
  2. Turkey is a very affordable and quality market in the prefabricated and steel sector.
  3. Ideal Prefab & Ideal Ev – Prefabrik Evim If you search our company on the internet, it is unlikely that you will see even 1 complaint about us. Our after-sales services are also very successful.
  4. We are a corporate company serving the world with 300 people in our 20.000 m2 factory.
  5. More than 24 years of prefabricated and steel structure industry experience

You can contact us on +90 553 905 35 10 for all the details. (whatsapp & viber) bilgi@prefabrikevim.com

Assembly Video of Flat Pack Container

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