Little House Models


Little House Models

Did you know that we shared all of the little house models prices in our website so if you’re looking for the little house prices you can check our website, and have a great idea about the all process.

We have many amazing prefab house models, both single storey and double storey. Many of our customers search for steel structures or prefab homes on Google It is certain that metal buildings, which are rapidly becoming popular today, will have a much more important position in the future so we’re working on our customer satisfaction and technical specifications to give you the best service in the world. I hope that you like this article. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact with our team, we will be looking forward to see you in the factory too so you can see the all the materials, production area and sample houses 🙂

Little House Manufacturer

Our company provides the best service with its 20.000 m2 and 200 employees, produces the highest quality and safe houses with its qualified engineers and architects. In this way, we can deliver the house of your dreams. You know that the biggest advantage of prefabricated houses is that they have a much shorter assembly time compared to concrete houses so you can have a luxury prefab home with the most affordable costs, we have more than 24 years of prefabricated and steel structure industry experience so we would like to give you the best service in the sector. Would you like to see our little prefab house models ? Then click on the photo for the models, prices and technical specifications.

Little House Prices

Today we will give you information about Mobile houses which are called Tiny Houses in details. Tiny homes are modular and portable structures that are highly preferred due to the license problem today. It is very popular especially in developed countries such as USA, United Kingdom (UK), The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Crotia, Germany and ect.

M2Room NumbersPricesCode
18 m2 Tiny House1+0179.900 TL TH 001
35 m2 Tiny House1+1199.000 TL BE 001

We also like to show you some tiny house models as well, if you want to see Ideal Prefab Tiny House Models then click on the photo 🙂

Advantages of little houses

So let’s answer this question together, “Why should I buy a prefab homes from Ideal Prefab?”

  1. Ideal Prefab uses the highest quality materials in Turkey.
  2. Turkey is a very affordable and quality market in the prefabricated and steel sector.
  3. Ideal Prefab & Ideal Ev – Prefabrik Evim If you search our company on the internet, it is unlikely that you will see even 1 complaint about us. Our after-sales services are also very successful.
  4. We are a corporate company serving the world with 300 people in our 20.000 m2 factory.
  5. More than 24 years of prefabricated and steel structure industry experience
  6. Fully informing about the process before the contract. Preparation of mechanical, static, electrical and concrete projects by our well-equipped engineers and architects.

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